The Tsavo Express

Announcement I do not much like to take up the tone of a moralist or an advisor or I’m I in the habit of tagging alongside my work my own personal challenges but a principle of mine also is living one’s truth. The Tsavo Express, as the previous collaborations we’ve partnered together in with theContinue reading “The Tsavo Express”


(Chapter One) Most people usually want to be rebellious on the sensitive subject of slavery. In this series we explore, visually, this topic and more, both objectively and subjectively in a liberal way. Trans Atlantic had been a shelf idea for a little over two years and when we brought it out and breathed someContinue reading “TRANS ATLANTIC”


England 1896, Amelia Dyer , Amelia preyed on mothers who could not afford to keep their babies and offered to give them a “better life”. Instead, she pocketed the pay and strangled babies to death with a dressmaking tape then afterwards dumped their remains in river Thames Hong Kong 1982, the Jar Killer , “He lived inContinue reading “CASCO”