Hello, i’m Patrick Kamau, a commercial photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya.

A graduate of Film Production from Multimedia University, I’ve been creating visual stories since 2014.

Why do I create visual stories?

Stories have existed since the first human being and have been told and retold throughout the history of man, It’s this essence of stories and the power stories have in shaping the perception of what reality is, that is why I do what I do; tell stories.

Why should anyone care? My uniqueness

As humans, we all experience the same emotions and go through the same stages of life and as all our stories are inspired by life experiences, on a human level, everyone has one thing or the other to learn from these stories.

Most people talk about the African perspective but really my intention is to continually find new ways to tell stories, it just so happens that i’m African and particularly Kenyan hence my stories may appear and sound a certain way but where I thrive is my ability to marry my inspirations into visuals that communicate a singular message.

How do I create my stories?

I team up with other passionate creatives, clients or friends to pursue a common interest and shared passion for story telling. My collaborative efforts focus on using elements such as history, light, art and lifestyle to tell visual stories that are generally packaged in the form of ads, documentary and editorial style portraiture that has a cinematic feel to them.

Further than that, it’s our ability to develop characters, plot and story that gives our collaborative work an edge as most photographers focuses on capturing the moment and really does not have to worry about storyline and plot development.